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DHGames Exceeds ROAS Goal By 85% With Tapjoy Multi-Reward CPE

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Based in Sichuan, China, DHGames has established itself as a leading Android game developer in under a decade. Known for titles the Castle Defense series, Dungeon Rush, and Idle Heroes, DHGames specializes in online mobile gaming and integrates research, distribution, and operation into the game dev process. 

DHGames first started advertising with Tapjoy almost four years ago. With Idle Heroes currently dominating the idle RPG genre, the timing was right for a new strategy: Multi-Reward CPE offers. 


  • Maximize ROI
  • Acquire quality users
  • Scale volume

Run A Test


DHGames wanted to optimize their current CPE campaigns on their RPG app Idle Heroes. They had been running multiple single event conversion CPE offers for Idle Heroes which required users to carry out various in-app tasks or to reach a certain level. While they did see success, they started to see a trend where at a certain point in the funnel, the more casual users were tapering off while paid users were continuing to play reaching the deeper levels and events.

Eager to find new ways to keep these freemium users engaged, DHGames started to test Multi-Reward CPE which has been proven to keep users engaged for longer. With Multi-Reward CPE they were better able to give players at all levels of the game a chance to collect some of more premium heroes or other in-app content. As expected, the Multi-Reward CPE offer was also able to drive more users deeper into the funnel. After seeing the initial results, DHGames continued to run multiple offers for predetermined level events.

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With Multi-Reward CPE offers in place, DHGames was able to meet and exceed its ROAS and retention goals:

• 37% retention increase

• 85% ROAS increase

37% retention increase

85% ROAS increase

What our partner had to say

Tapjoy’s Multi-Reward CPE allows us to acquire valuable users at scale. We’ve reached 85% ROAS increase and also 37% retention increase through this CPE.

Tiantian XieOverseas UA Director, DHGames

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